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Trick It Out Sports™


"A coach should approach his work like a craftsman, not like a shop steward." - Julio Velasco

TIOS Coaching Philosophy

Develop the Complete Athlete By Focusing on: 

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Play with optimal speed & precision though the proper development of Athletic Movement Fundamentals that enhance::







Improve Game-Time Technical Skills in combination with establishing their own Style-Of-Play and Creativity through experimentation/repetitions that produce good habits and continuous improvement throughout the season.


Establish “resiliency” by preparing the athlete to perform poised and present in all high-pressure game situations.

Trick It Out Sports™ Coaching Methodology Redefines How Athletes...


  • Foundational Movement & Sport Specific Fundamentals/Techniques

  • Individual Style

  • Creative Independent & Group Problem Solving

  • Individual Position/Group/Team Responsibilities

  • Sense of Self-Worth



  • Consistently at every practice by challenging the athlete to execute the skills learned at your session

  • By measuring the athletes individual and group results & progress

  • By teaching athletes to self-analyze and correct flaws in their performance

  • By being positive and celebrating mistakes as opportunities to learn & improve



By striving for improvement (‘Kaizen’) and performance mastery at every training session by introducing new and more difficult challenges..


By incorporating consistent injury prevention exercises and drills throughout the season (pre-season - post season.)

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Trick It Out Sports Main Objective

Impoving Speed & Precision of Execution



Physical Movement/Athletic Speed

How quickly you run a specific distance.




Speed of Thought

Making split second decisions & knowing the right response before receiving the ball.


Technical/Precision Speed 

How quickly you as an individual and/or team can move the ball in your possession and control.

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How Trick It Out Sports Training App Works

Trick It Out Sports™ presents skills through our proprietary subscription based App, a series of fundamental instruction and self-measuring competitions (based on a combination of Speed and Accuracy of skill execution), as an effective way to support a coaches training plan while encouraging practice on a individual player basis at home.





Trick It Out Sports™ App provides a progression of skill challenges (via video) that both your team and individual players watch, mimic, execute skill competitions, record their results (based on a combination of Time, Accuracy, Distance), and immediately receive a score that instantly ranks them among all teams and players in their age category.

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How This Site Assists Your Coaching 

Saves you time and monitors progress throughout a season at all playing levels - age/ability - at every practice! It's your toolbox and reference library (visual and written) to coaching individuals, position groups and teams.


Unlike any other instructional coaching books, videos or training clinics, the Trick It Out™ Soccer Coaching Program provides an innovative way to raise your level of coaching by delivering the best ways to instruct individuals and teams to experience continual improvement.

Access to FULL season of: 

  • Instruction

  • Tactics

  • Conditioning sessions


Breakes down the most important aspects of the game, with the best ways to instruct:

  • Individuals

  • Position Groups

  • Teams


Customized practices with:

  • Innovative measuring & tracking system

  • Instructions with game-like competitive skill challenge scenarios


Packaged and delivered with a complete menu of easy-to-use instructional skill videos and graphics that visually demonstrate: 

  • Proper Skill Fundamental Set-up and Execution

  • Progression throughout age categories and seasons. 


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