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The Revolutionary Youth Sports Instructional Methodology

Trick It Out Lacrosse™ is about learning athletic skills and executing plays through creative (cognitive and physical) problem solving and repetitive, yet fun, experimentation.  Our methodology closely mimics sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, free style skiing, BMX. Trick It Out Lacrosse™ is the most Innovative and effective training experience that has been proven successful at the NFL, PGA of America, US Soccer and with division one collegiate athletes in sports such as Lacrosse, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, etc. 

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Tap Into Your Potential

At home, in your backyard, at a park - anywhere you are - the app delivers interactive instruction, evolving skill development, instant feedback and real-time competitions.

Master Your Skills

The self-motivated, non-judgmental, freestyle learning methodology adapts to your abilities, strengths and pace. 

Shatter Expectations 

Trick It Out Lacrosse App is your secret weapon helping you cement your  knowledge of movement and Lacrosse fundamentals through tricks.

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Trick It Out Lacrosse - The Magic is Behind the TRICKS 

The execution of fundamental athletic movement skills, sport specific skills, or combinations of both.

Running plays through creative (cognitive & physical) problem solving & repetitive, yet fun, experimentation.

Tricks accelerate skill development and the ability to best apply it to ever changing game situations as it fits YOUR athletic DNA.

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